Free query

Users will be able to post their first query for free without any charges. User can choose any specialty for their first query. The first query posted by the users on this page is free. If the user needs a quick reply they can choose fast track option too. These queries can also be considered as a second opinion, medical advice or clinical/post surgical follow up. Lab reports or any relevant images can be attached along with the queries. Those Attachment size should be within 5MB.

The doctor will answer the query in a free flow text with a prescription suggestion. The attached prescription will be only available for users in India, for the rest of the places it will be a prescription suggestion, and the refilling of prescription cannot be facilitated. The patient can download and print the prescription copy from the portal after the consultation has ended. Also, the consultation moderator shall email the patient with the prescription in case the patient has requested for an actual signed copy of the prescription from the doctor’s letterhead. In case the patient has DICOM files for doctor reference, they have an additional option called “Upload DICOM files.” Here the user needs to pay for uploading the DICOM.