Health Articles

This is the section where the articles written by the doctors on our site are published. The doctors write medical articles they feel they can provide their opinion on. The articles published here are moderated and curated before being published. We make sure every article published here is of some value to our users.

Any doctor can publish their own thoughts and create an article on any specialty. Doctors can earn for every article. Doctors need to navigate to “Write Articles & Earn” and click on “Write a New Article” button. By filling the Title, Abstract, and Article Description, doctors can submit the article. Once the doctor submits the article, it will be moved to the content reviewers team.

Our iCliniq backend team will check the article content and publish it on the site. The user can view the article and if the user thinks the article is useful, they can rate the article. This option is available at the end of the article.

The moderation team refines articles by following the standardized criteria and releases the article by declaring the payment according to the number of words of the article, which is present in the actual copy before the edit. All articles at iCliniq are authored by the doctors who are associated with iCliniq. iCliniq's content moderation team comprises of doctors that make all articles readable and easy to understand to the general public.