There are a lot of tools available for the users on the site that help them keep track of their health. BMI Calculator, Safe Days Calculator, Heart Rate Calculator, Depression Calculator, and Body Water Calculator are some of the famous tools to check patient’s health. These tools help calculate the user's body analysis based on their inputs. The tools available on the iCliniq webpage are listed below:

  • DASS-21 (Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-21)

    To check the depression, anxiety and stress level based on the assessment of questionnaire answered by the user. Read More

  • Safe Days Calculator

    Using this online calculator to find out the safe days which you can have sexual intercourse without the fear of getting pregnant. Read More

  • How Much Water Should We Drink Everyday?

    To guide and educate about the quantity of water to be consumed daily. Read More

  • Creatinine Clearance Calculator

    To assess the amount of creatinine being excreted from the body. Read More

  • Body Mass Index Calculator

    To calculate the fitness of your body by measuring body weight and height. Read More

  • Early Pregnancy Calculator @Home

    To guide you with the dates most suitable to do home pregnancy test. Read More

  • Estimated Due Date Calculator

    To give an estimation of the date the baby will be delivered. Read More

  • Pregnancy By Week Calculator

    To keep a tract and calculate the weeks of your pregnancy. Read More

  • Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

    To assess the weight gain during each month of pregnancy. Read More

  • Menstrual Period Calculator

    To help you keep a tract on your menstrual cycle, ovulation and periods. Read More

  • Fertility (or) Ovulation Period Calculator

    To check when you are most fertile (ovulating) during your menstrual cycle. Read More

  • Child Height Prediction Calculator

    To find out the height in a growing child. Read More

  • Child Blood Type Prediction Calculator

    To determine the blood group of the child based on blood group of biological parents. Read More

  • Parent Blood Type Prediction Calculator

    To determine the blood group of the parents using blood group of the child and spouse. Read More

  • Donate and Receive Blood Calculator

    To know the type of blood groups you are allowed to receive or donate for. Read More

  • Blood Donation Due Date Calculator

    To find out when you can donate your blood the next time. Read More

  • Blood Volume Calculator

    To calculate the blood quantity in your body using gender, height and weight. Read More

  • Blood Pressure and Mean Arterial Pressure Calculator

    To help you measure the range of your blood pressure and pressure in the arteries. Read More

  • Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

    To calculate the amount of alcohol content in your blood. Read More

  • Healthy Heart Rate Calculator

    To measure the optimum heart rate you should be having to be healthy. Read More

  • Ideal Body Weight Calculator

    To determine the normal body weight based on your gender and height. Read More

  • Lean Body Mass Calculator

    To calculate how much fat loss is required to be and look healthy. Read More

  • Adjusted Body Weight Calculator

    To help you know the adjusted weight by measuring ideal and actual weight. Read More

  • Daily Calorie Intake (or) BMR Calculator

    To guide you about the amount of calories you should take and reduce to be fit and healthy. Read More

  • Calorie Burn Calculator

    To calculate how much calories you have lost by far and how much more you need to lose to reach the healthy and fit target. Read More

  • Body Fat Percentage Calculator

    To measure the percentage of fat present on your body and how much you need to work on it to be fit. Read More

  • Body Adiposity Index Calculator

    To measure the amount of fat in your body using body height and hip size. Read More

  • Body Surface Area Calculator

    To check for the total body surface area. Read More

  • Body Frame Size Calculator

    To calculate the frame size of the body using wrist size and height. Read More

  • Eye Test Calculator

    To test the eye power (vision range and clarity) along with its strength. Read More

  • Baby Eye Color Predictor Calculator

    To assess the eye color of the baby based on parent’s eye color. Read More

  • Daily Water Intake Calculator

    To calculate the quantity of water to be consumed daily. Read More

  • Macronutrient Calculator

    To calculate the amount of macronutrients to be added in your diet to make it healthy. Read More

  • Proponents Weight Watchers Calculator

    To maintain the food points and have a check on the extra weight the body gains that has to be reduced. Read More

  • Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

    To estimate the body proportions and measure the abdominal obesity. Read More

  • Waist to Height Ratio Calculator

    To measure the ratio between your waist and height, which is a more preferred value than BMI. Read More

  • Waist to Chest Ratio & Chest to Hip Ratio Calculator

    To calculate the above levels in order to have a check on body fitness. Read More

  • Cholesterol Ratio Calculator

    To calculate the ratios between various cholesterol level indicators. Read More

  • Weight Loss by Target Date Calculator

    To keep a track on the weight gain or lost. Read More

  • Fat-Free Mass Index Calculator

    To calculate both muscle and fat mass to tone your muscles. Read More

  • One Rep Max Bench Press Calculator

    To find out the amount of workout to be done to reduce the desired weight. Read More

  • VO2 Max Calculator

    To estimate the amount of oxygen your body can consume. Read More

  • Treadmill Test Calculator

    To check the health status of your heart. Read More