Doctor Profiles

The Individual doctor's profile page will give all the professional details which they wish to display on the site. It will also host links to the articles and videos published by the doctor. This is the page through which the users can decide to post a specific query or book a direct consultation to a doctor.

Each and every Doctor can maintain their profile to represent in the iCliniq web page or Application. The Doctor will be able to edit the profile at any time using the “Update Profile” option in the doctor's dashboard. In the Doctor's Profile, the user can view the below details.

  • Doctor Name with Qualification
  • Specialty
  • Photo
  • Specialized Treatments
  • Professional Bio
  • Consulting Languages
  • Experience in Industry
  • Academic Details
  • Profile Video
  • Awards & Publications
  • Clinic Details
  • Recent Articles

Doctor Name with Qualification:

Doctors will mention their full name as in the graduation certificate.


A specialty, is a branch of medical practice. After completing a medical course, physicians or surgeons usually further pursue their medical education in a specific specialty of medicine by completing a multiple year residency to become a medical specialist. Doctors can add multiple specialties at once in iCliniq.


Here doctors can upload their photos only in some formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. The Size of the Image has no restrictions for Eg: A doctor can upload a 15 MB PNG image file.

Specialized Treatments:

Each doctor will have their own expertise. They can mention those treatments in this field. If doctors have many years of experience and treated well in any specialty, they can mention that multiple specialties here.

Professional Bio:

In the professional bio, doctors can explain about their experience briefly. Doctors do not have any limitations to mention their whole experience. They can mention their activities also.

Consulting Languages:

Doctors should mention the known languages here. English is a common language for all the doctors, so it will be a default setting in the consulting language field. Apart from English, doctors need to set their native speaking languages and known languages. Doctors can add multiple languages in this field.

Experience in Industry:

Details like how many years of experience the doctors have, how many patients the doctors have consulted, and how many patients the doctors consult on a weekly basis.

Academic Details:

In academic details, doctors include their graduation information. Doctors can add their internship details also.

Profile Video:

Doctors can upload their videos based on medical therapy, about their medical cases, etc. Any iCliniq user can view the uploaded video in doctors profile page and their youtube channel.

Awards & Publications:

Here the user can view the doctor’s achievements like the awards received by the doctors and any honor they carry.

Clinic Details:

Doctors can enter the clinic or hospital address and time they practice in.

Recent Articles:

Articles already published by doctors will be hyperlinked and displayed in this topic.

In “Update Profile,” the doctors can edit the basic options like Name, Email ID, Mobile Number, password, and DOB. Doctors need to submit after updating this information.

In case the doctor needs to change their basic information, they can update those details and submit their profile. Once the doctor submits the profile, our iCliniq backend team will receive those updates, they will validate and update those details. This will take 1 to 2 business days

Doctors can establish their profile when someone searches the doctor's name on the internet (e.g.: when anyone searches the doctor’s name, Google results will display the doctor’s iCliniq profile page).