The doctor can consult patients through the phone from different countries. The user can book phone consultation in two ways.

In the direct phone consultation, the patient needs to book phone consultation via the doctor's profile page. After that, an email will be sent to the doctors regarding the date and time of the phone consultation. Once the doctor confirms the consultation, the user will get intimation via SMS and email.

In Common Phone consultation, the user books the phone consultation via “Talk with a Doctor on Phone” option. Here, the user can book the phone consultation on a specialty basis. Once the user books their consultation, the doctor of that specialty will see the request in “Phone & Video Consultation Request.” If any doctor is available on that date and time, they can approve the consultation with “Take this Case” button. The user will get intimation via SMS and email for doctor confirmation.

In phone consultation, the doctor should click the call button under specific time or doctor will get a remainder SMS in advance for the consultation. When the doctor receives a phone call, at the same time the patient also gets a call. The doctor's phone number will not be revealed and it will be masked, so the privacy will be retained. The phone call of both parties will be recorded for medical review. Once the phone call gets over, the doctor will be able to write the treatment plan.

By choosing this service, the user is able to speak with the doctor over the phone by selecting a specific time frame. In case of direct consultation, users can book a consultation from an available slot within a doctor’s schedule, or a time range if no schedule is available. In case they are not looking for a specific doctor, they can book a consultation in a particular specialty within 2 hours, 4 hours or a time slot from the next day. Advanced booking done on a specialty shall be available to all the doctors of the specific specialty. And anyone who wishes to take the case can confirm the exact time for the consultation.